Monsoon in Singapore

Monsoon season in Singapore is very distinct from other countries. There are mainly two types of monsoon season in Singapore Northeast Monsoon Season (December-March) and Southwest Monsoon Season (June-September).

Northeast Monsoon has a “Wet phase” (December and January) and “Dry phase” (February and March). Wet phase contains heavy rainfall in the afternoon and early evening. Dry phase consist of little or no rainfall with cool and pleasant atmosphere. The Southwest monsoon season experiences showers with thunderstorm activities. Both monsoon seasons are separated by an Inter Monsoon Period.

It’s commonly hot and dry in May-July. According to the records November has the highest rain days and February has the lowest. Based on National Environment Agency, Singapore gets average of 2342.2mm rainfall in an year.


20 thoughts on “Monsoon in Singapore

  1. That was very interesting Noble, I do appreciate dryer weather but rain does clean, brighten and refreshes too. I love your amazing Photography Noble but it’s your topics that fascinate me, they really bring to life a differant culture and their customs.

    I love Australia but each Country has it’s own beauty and charm although some sadly are suffering extreme poverty, it is good we can help them, with the abundance we have.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Nice….Thanks for your review. There will be another face behind all the beauties….I appreciate your mind.

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