Attractions of Singapore

Jurong Bird Park in SingaporeJurong Bird Park in Singapore

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore is largest bird park in the Asia Pacific.Jurong contains a collection of more than 600 species of birds.Its the perfect place to visit in Holidays with your family.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island In Singapore

Sentosa is most popular island resort in Singapore.The main attractions of sentosa are sheltered beach, Five star hotels, Resorts and Theme parks.

Singapore Underwater World

Singapore Underwater World Tour

Singapore Underwater World is an Oceanarium located at the offshore Singaporean Island of Sentosa.This contains more than 250 species of marine animals from different regions of world.Underwater world must be a good and different experience for all peoples.

Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari in Singapore

The Night Safari is world’s first and most popular nocturnal zoo in Singapore.The zoo is controlled by wildlife reserves Singapore.This zoo contains more than 120 species of animals.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is an Integrated Luxury resort developed by Las Vegas Sands.Marina Bay Sands consist of three distinct buildings.The main attraction of resort is its swimming pool, constructed at the top of the building.


18 thoughts on “Attractions of Singapore

  1. Thanks for your review…….Pulau Ubin island and Asian Civilization Museum are the other major attractions of Singapore. “ALL THE BEST” for your Blogging

  2. If I could visit Singapore, I would like to attend New Creation Church–Joseph Prince is a phenomenal pastor and Bible teacher!!

  3. I really enjoyed the bird park! Another thing I really liked about Singapore was looking out the window in the morning to see people practicing T’ai Chi on the hilltops…a very serene and beautiful sight.

  4. T’ai Chi is considered as highly effective exercise to build a strong mind and body………Thanks for your valuable information……ALL THE BEST & Keep Blogging.

    • Thanks for visiting my Blog……It’s the dream paradise of all tourists around the World.
      ALL THE BEST—–Keep Blogging 🙂

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