Top Tourist Holiday Sought Out Places of Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular holidaying hubs in the world well sought after by thousands and millions of tourist. The dynamic tourism works along with rich diverse harmonious blend of culture, heritage makes the place attracted to every adventure traveler.

Singapore is well known by its striking nickname as the Lion city has very high standards of tourism catering to every interest and needs of travelers. Singapore tour packages are well known for its outstanding services offered by tourism to every tour visitors of the country.

Singapore by nature is a small picturesque island nation is a well meticulously developed tourist destination which has been earning quite a lot of reputation since decades for its well organized tourism services.

Sentosa Island 

For picnics and holiday escape, Sentosa Island services the best with its charming tropical forest and rocky coast perfect site for adventure and fun activities to undertake. Initially this island was a humble fishing village named as Palau Blakang Mati is a scenic picturesque island which has become a popular hub for holidaying and beach escape. It is one of the top notch attractions site of Singapore Tourism filled with multifaceted facilities teeming all the year round makes it an ideal getaway spot for leisure tour escape. Here the places like Merlion statue, underwater world, Dolphin Lagoon, tiger sky tower are some of the best sites of Singapore which must be visited without fail whenever you make a travel trip to this place.

Little India

Little India is also another amazing tourist destination and most to explore on your Singapore trip. It is one of the best sites to experience the rich culture and authenticity taste of rich Indian cuisines. There are also lots of temples and building resembling the architecture of Indian style.


Standing on high hillock overlooking the Santosa, it is also one of the best tourist resorts in Singapore. This 23m high lion head and a fish body like resting on a crest of waves is one of the most important tourist spot widely visited by most of the tourist.

Jurong Bird Park

It is also another popular tourist fascinating sites mostly frequented by tourist coming for holiday in Singapore. It is also one of the prime attractions for its charming bird sanctuary that entertains every visitors visiting in this place.  Jurong Bird Park is a special reserved park which serves as the home to many endangered species of birds. This park is the world’s largest bird sanctuary in terms of its number of bird species preserve in it.

Besides the mention above attractions there are several other beautiful destinations which are listed under travel Singapore packages. Singapore offers you a chance to indulge in all round attractions of the world. So whenever you planned for Singapore tour always travel trip with its well design packages to give you the best experience. These travel packages will give you all that you require and need for a successful trip. It offers you with the best option of everything serving you the best of the country’s attraction.

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17 thoughts on “Top Tourist Holiday Sought Out Places of Singapore

  1. Singapore certainly got many beautiful travel destinations, like you said Singapore by nature is a small picturesque island nation is a well meticulously developed tourist destination which has been earning reputation for years for providing fantastic facilities for the visitors….

  2. Singapore is one of the best tourist place in the world.I travel to singapore in last vacation.Very attractive place.I like it very much.The information you gave is very useful to the people who looking for a good tourist place to spend their vacation..Thank you for the sharing…

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  4. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I post as I journey through my retirement years photographing life through my camera lens.


    • Yes, Definitely I enjoyed your posts..Photography is an art, from that we can feel the emotions of life and nature…………….Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for your review…….Its one of the most popular tourist destination in the world…..ALL THE BEST & Keep blogging

  5. Hi Noble, thank you for joining up with us, Singapore is place I would love to visit with all it’s charm, the people too are very gentle and respectful. Over the years we have been very blessed by the friendship we shared with a few of them and their families, they always welcomed us and made our visits something very special, sadly we lost contact after many years when we moved Interstate and through death but they will always be in our heart.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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